Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So this semester I'm in a theater makeup class and it's probably one of the best things ever.
These are just a few things that I've been doing :)

Above: My roommate, Kerissa, who was willing to be my model for the glamour makeup unit. Note the purple eyebrows :) I love colored eyebrows.

Below: We had to divide our faces in half and do either Good/Evil, Man/Woman, Old/ Young, or Happy/Sad. I obviously chose Good/Evil. I wasn't entirely happy with the shape of the eye shadow, but I was pretty happy with how I covered up my eye brow and created the super evil fake one.

Below: Good. I went with the more innocent aspect of a good character. You can still see where my natural eyebrow starts. Maaan.

Below: A pretty low quality picture. But this is my old person face. Pretty excited for old age. 


Rachel said...

i love to see you blogging more :)

Haily Mishelle said...

This is AWESOME!! Holy cow, you are soooo good!!!!

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