Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If I could make this into a career...

 I totally would! 
Creating Jr. High Student Council campaigns, that is!
This is my 12 year old brother's campaign that we've been working on for a little while.
We decided to go with a Hunger Games theme.
Today he passed out one hundred bookmarks at lunch! 
They will be voting on Thursday, and he will find out if he made it on Friday!

For Jr. High things I like to add a little sense of humor.
Which isn't hard for me, because let's be honest here... I totally still have a Jr. High sense of humor.

Here is Conner's campaign from last year! 
This one was pulled together last minute because he decide to change his campaign into a more fantastical, Narnia-esque theme the DAY before his poster was due.
Which resulted in my mom calling me at 8 in the morning and asking me to create this poster in an hour. The crazy thing was that I was in California at the time with my Illustration Department. Luckily I had brought a long my laptop and tablet. This piece was created on the floor of a hotel room, while I was trying to simultaneously get ready for the day (the group left to tour a studio around 9). Such an adventure! 

Again, a lot of silliness. The idea for a pokemon card-esque was conceived last minute as well :)


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