Monday, August 1, 2011

Exercise: a hobbit's tale

The other day I realized that I needed to start exercising.
Want to know how I realized this?
It totally came as an epiphany during the Return of the King.
Yeah, turns out I am almost completely sure I am a hobbit.
Hobbits are cool, I mean hobbits saved the world!
But I'm not like those hobbits.
I'm like the hobbit who knew nothing about the outside world and didn't care to find out.
Food, silliness, detachment.
Yeah, I was (am?) living the hobbit life.
Now while I like hobbits, I LOVE elves.
I want to be an elf! 
Graceful, capable of nearly anything, involved and BEAUTIFUL!

So this is me now.
This is what I wanted/want to become!!!
So I started to work out with Jillian Michaels, 30 Day Shred.
Um hello, kicked/ is kicking my trash.
Yes, yes. 
I'm on day 10. 
Hate her, but love the results so far.
Lots of fat turned to muscle, lots muscle turned to BIGGER MUSCLES!!!

Here's to hoping I DON'T turn out like this:


This would be me if I had gone with the fellowship.
"No it's good guys! Go on with out me!!!"
Hopefully, I will one day be in good enough shape to go on my own adventures.
The moral of this nerd fest is that sometimes it takes a little digging to find your motivation, but you can!
Whether it's simply to be healthier or happier or destroying the one ring, once you find it run with it!
Cuz that's what I'm trying to do.
More fitness posts to come. 


ruthie.von said...

woot! Jillian's stuff is crazy!

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