Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Makeup

I can't believe how much I love makeup!
Ever since Jr. High I've really enjoyed giving my friends "makeovers". However, this theater makeup class has just completely opened my eyes. I've come to realize that my illustration background is a huge asset for me as a makeup artist. I know how to handle a brush, I know how to copy looks fairly well.
The part that is still new and difficult is getting used to the different mediums.
Still, it's so refreshing to explore new things!
And I've tricked 3 people into letting me do their makeup!
2 for prom and 1 for a fundraising video.
I'm beyooond excited!

Above: Crane Queen (note the crown. I made my little brother sit for 3 hours and make me a bajillion cranes, which I then glued to a headband) 

Below: Boxing injuries. I used putty to "break" my nose and for the swollen eyebrow. Latex was used for the cuts. 

Below: My Gandalf/ Karl Marx beard. Crepe hair (wool)... what a difficult experience.


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