Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jane Eyre Characters

This was my final for my character design class. 
Character line up of a few characters from Jane Eyre! Love that book.
Pretty certain I actually want to make the man (Mr. Rochester) taller. 
Probably I will.


Nella Nightcharm said...

They're beautiful! You did such a good job with them =D

Lauren said...

Is there anything you can't do? You bring things to life! I love these (as this is one of my favorite books) and you are amazing :)

Jess said...

There are great! I especially love Jane. I love your art :)

Anna Kristine said...

Hey Chrissy! I have been thinking about your art lately and decided to hunt down your new blog. You're so inspiring! I am seriously going to try and get my sketchbook out today and practice. It's been ages since I've touched pencil to paper. sigh...
I LOVE these characters! You should be a Disney movie artist. :)

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