Friday, August 19, 2011

A name!

Today I posted this little lady on Facebook, asking my friends to help me come up with a name.
And they responded!
It is a comfort to know that if ever I needed good names (i.e. a new dog, baby birth, or recently made imaginary friends) I could rely on people to do the work for me ;)
Actually, coming up with names is one of my most favorite things to do! It's always excellent when a character's name will just come to you, but oft times I'll actually look for days trying to find THE name. The end result is always rewarding. 
Also, I have a million baby names...
You do this too right?
Tell me you do.
If you share your top 5 I'll share mine!
Okay, anyways, asking for names with this lady was fun!
A trick I'll have to try more often.
In the end it came down to Charlotte and Eleanor.
and I went with 
(pretend like the air is heavy with anticipation)

Charlotte Montgomery! 

Yaaaaaaay!!!! It fits right!?
Love it.
Sad part is that I may or may not use her for my next project. Still. The name will probably stick.


Ericrazy said...

:D I love that name. Que fabulosa chiquita!

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