Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gypsy Girl and Elephant

My work space, incase you were wondering. Which you were... admit it ;)

Last semester we were given a list of stories to illustrate, comic style. Most were... morbid and nasty to say the least. Let's see, there was the guy who choked on a piece of squid, the paranoid man who set a bunch of booby traps in his own living room only to end up sleepwalking through all of them and getting shot in the head, and who can forget the idiot who paid his friend to lipo-suck his guts out (literally) with a shop vacuum. However, one stood out to me above the gore of the rest. It was about a group of gypsies who had stolen an elephant from their local zoo with the intent of selling it on the black market. However, after the deed was done, they found out that they simply couldn't take care of a full grown elephant and ended up returning it. 
I went the cute route with this and painted a gypsy girl (one of favorite things to do since my obsession with the Hunchback of Notre Dame back in 11th grade) with her grandparents. I only did one page (one LARGE page) and it depicts the transportation difficulty one would come across if one had stolen an elephant. 
 This was while I was working on it. Painting mostly done, but all the tape to keep the edges clean is still on. Done in Gauche. Ugh, we had a love hate relationship.

This is how it looks with out the tape. Bad picture, though (shadow much?). Sorry :)


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