Monday, March 21, 2011

The Beginning

When I turned 20 I knew that I wanted a new blog.
My old blog was much like a reflection of myself when I began blogging.
Trying to fit in, trying to find myself while copying others.
Eventually it worked. 
I found out many things about myself through blogging.
For example: My nose is my favorite albeit most prominent facial feature, that I love to make people laugh, and perhaps one of the biggest things revealed to me was that I loved to create/recreate/tell/retell stories.
 Old, new, funny, sad 
They're always there.
Buzzing around my head and sometimes just barely beyond my reach, but they're there!
The Sun Kissed Me, being what it is, just wouldn't allow me to share those types of stories.
That's not who I was when I began it and that's not the type of purpose it served.
Ultimately, I out grew it.
It is now dead.
However, like the mythical Phoenix, who is reborn from its own ashes, the ashes of blogs past came together to create THIS!
This new blog (blog is a funny and very undignified word, I've decided) where I can be the Storyteller. Where my reality, the one that some may call dreams, mingles with anything and everything that I deem beautiful.
Here I will report my findings, confide my dreams, and spin tales.
So much so that you'll begin to wonder... which is the fiction
... and which is reality.
And I mean I'll still post art and stuff.


rootypatooty said...

i like :)

Stephanie Lyn :) said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! understatement. This is like the best thing ever! Yay for finding yourself, creating a new blog, AND wicked sweet photo manipulation! This seriously is so awesome. I love this! :) Refreshing. Inspiring. Makes me smile. :)

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